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Whether you are looking for a Long Stay (14+ days), or a Multi-day vacation in Lapland, Ideal Arctic with its partners are glad to help you to enjoy your stay! We also provide a private and small group, hand-picked selection of outdoor, nature and Lappish lifestyle day tours to book during your stay.

When traveling with Ideal Arctic, you will meet the local guides and people, learn about Lapland and have a good time in nature and outdoors. We encourage our guests to stay longer and experience Lapland during all of our distinct seasons, as it is always the right season to visit the Arctic!

Information about traveling and life in Lapland, ideas for combining work & leisure during your stay and advice of Arctic adventures.

Travel tips & ideas

Take your time and enjoy travel at your own pace, concentrate on your passions, work remote and experience the Arctic lifestyle, at any time of year!

Long stay Travel

Multi-day vacations in one or multiple destinations are available all year-round. Let`s plan and book a personalized itinerary for you!

Multi-day adventures

Are you visiting Lapland for a few days or staying longer here in the Arctic, and looking for tours for a day or two? We recommend experiencing Lapland with local guides during your stay in Lapland. 

Small group and private day tours in Lapland

Ideal Arctic is a Finnish travel company based in Rovaniemi, Lapland, rooted in a passion for living & travel in the Arctic areas.

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