A Finnish tour operator and incoming agency, based in Rovaniemi, Lapland, rooted in a passion for living & travel in the Arctic areas, and rendezvouses with the guests visiting Lapland. Ideal Arctic designs Long Stay (14+ days) vacations, Multi-day adventures and offers day tours during your stay.

We encourage our guests to visit Lapland at any time of year as it is always the right season to visit the Arctic.

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anne@idealarctic.com or contact@idealarctic.com
Whatsapp: +358400174194

Hi there, I am Anne, the travel specialist and founder of Ideal Arctic. With the partners, we create Multi-day and Long stay vacations specially designed for our guests’ needs – at all seasons, year-round, in Lapland.

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Ideal Arctic and partners

We are your gateway to Lapland when you are looking for an escape from the ordinary, a new exciting vacation destination and quality time spent outdoors in the Arctic nature. Our aim is that you enjoy your time in Lapland as much as we do.

Ideal Arctic and Partners

Multi-day vacations in one or multiple destinations are available at any time of year. Let`s plan and book a personalized itinerary for you!

Multi-day adventures and vacations

Take your time and enjoy travel at your own pace, concentrate on your passions, and experience the Arctic lifestyle, at any time of year!

Long stay travel

Are you visiting Lapland and looking for tours for a day or two? We recommend experiencing our partners` small group and private day tours.

Day tours in Lapland

Let`s work together

Open minds wander together in business and outdoors. Right? Ideal Arctic is a young company, with extensive experience and enthusiasm in the travel industry. We do trust in co-operation. If you have a feeling it would be great to do things together and co-operate, please do not hesitate to contact me! E-mail: anne@idealarctic.com.
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What is Ideal Arctic About?

The Arctic is a unique area above the Arctic Circle. It is a combination of delicate nature, cleanness, silence, resolute inhabitants, and ever-changing climate. To stay in the Arctic, in the Nordics is a feeling. You’ll notice it once you arrive.


Local experiences, with local touch and people.


Respect between people and respect for nature is obvious to us. We operate with a good flow, an appreciation of each other, with a small ego and a big heart.


We co-operate with local partners, encourage guests to use the local services and enhance reasonable growth in year-round tourism by providing ideas for vacations and extended stays.

All activities are operated with the deepest concern for the safety of our guests and appreciation for nature. It is also important for us to enhance awareness of travel, environment, culture and local life in the Arctic areas.


What you see on our site or social media channels is something you can experience too. Naturally, depending on the time of your visit and the mother nature.

Active & balanced 

Arctic areas are good locations to be active. Twenty-four hours a day shared smartly with work, leisure and rest keeps us balanced, and naturally, our guests too.

@idealarctic #idealarctic
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